"We love it!! My 3-year-old son really likes it and his health has improved a lot since taking it"


"I started taking it due to health problems, it has helped me a lot, the coconut one is delicious, it is zero sugar which is great, it has many benefits. I recommend it without a doubt"

Aytana Montes

"The coconut and red fruit ones are delicious! I combine them with fruit and then cereal and nuts! Very little acid and very well balanced"

Esteban Lopez

"I really like Marusia kefir, a product for me, quite Innovative, they have a very pleasant flavor, and a variety of FLAVORS, I am one of the people who have been accustomed to preparing Bulgarians, but since I have known Marusia Kefir, I find it more accessible and "more advantages to my health. I love Kefir Marusia"

Norma Eugenia M.

I have felt much better in health since consuming this product, especially this brand. I have an autoimmune disease and it has helped me a lot.

Nayeli Aguilar

Wonderful! I take 1/4 on an empty stomach every day! And I forgot about the inflammation, it helps my digestion, I sleep much better and even my skin feels more hydrated! I highly recommend it!

Misael Juarez Dominguez

About KEFIR I can give to anyone only the best recommendations. The natural product is the only one we buy. The quality is very good. They deliver by refrigerated cars directly to my house with absolute punctuality. Another advantage is that they pick up in my house all empty KEFIR-glass bottles and pay back their value. We notice during the daily use an improvement of our health situation in different areas. We are happy having found the MARUSIA-KEFIR since 2 months.

Best wishes

Eckehard W. Stockenberg

I want you to know that I am more than happy!!! I have a liter of kefir and in a week I have not taken anything for gastritis
I'm already going to start my second liter ❤️

Maria Aranzabal