Nutripau Cereal

You can call it overnight oats, but not necessarily make it at night or also use the ingredients for a smoothie, it is a staple in my fridge, it never fails in a hurry.

As easy as:

1 cup Marusia kefir 
4 to 6 tbsp oat flakes or granola or amaranth.
1 cup of blackberries or 1 fruit (I'll upload the equivalent list shortly).
1 tsp cocoa nibs or coconut.
Cinnamon, vanilla, stevia or honey.

And ready!!!!!! Vegetable munchies to complete a perfect breakfast or dinner.

Friend, realize, this dish is the cool fit 2020 version cereal, leave the sugars for pre-marathon carb loads, nothing more.

Recipe @nutriologapaulinatamayo